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Mats Kathage:

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Stefan Kohlhepp:

What are your PC specs?

What are the subscriber benefits?

  • Best twitch emotes worldwide including the ultimate sadness pownyThump: here
  • Support the Dream directly <3
  • Can request songs with Spotify Links (Please tell Song Name + Link)
  • Discord Server for Subs Only – My personal brain trust! – (How to join!)
  • You grow in awesomness by around 28,32% (I calculated twice and iam an engineer)

Are you gay?

No, I am not gay, but generally very happy.

Who is Kristina?

Well, she has been my partner in life for the last 7 years and very soon, she will be my wife <3

What about the cute doggy?

That would be Butsh, Kristina and my personal’s Ewok!

Where did you learn that decent English?

I lived in Norfolk, Virginia for over a year when I was a kiddo so between that, my love for books and 8+ hours of stream every day you can figure out why I don’t sound german at all.

What does “P4wnyhof” mean?

P4wny = Pony
Hof (german) = Farm

When did you start steaming?

I started streaming Hearthstone on December, 2013 and found out that streaming is my passion and what I love doing in life.

Where are you from?

Currently residing in Siegburg, Germany.

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